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Mola TV Boosting Up Brand Promotion With OOH Jaris & K Which Located Strategically In Jakarta

It is undeniable, the Indonesian people are one of the biggest football fans in the world. The glitter of prestigious competitions on the European continent has always been the most awaited show by football lovers in the country. The presence of various platforms for watching football is also very welcome for those who want to […]

Enlivening Money Heist Season 5 on the Streets of Jakarta With OOH

There’s no better way to welcome the season finale of Money Heist 5 that airs on the Netflix platform by promoting using a billboard LED of Jaris & K which is located in a strategic location to get attention for anyone who sees it on the main street of Jakarta. Netflix is one of the […]

PT Trimedia Imaji Rekso Abadi Was Selected As a Strategic Partner For Advertising Services on Media Cooling Tower and Ventilation Tower (CTVT) MRT Jakarta Phase I

PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) continues to strive to increase non-business income. One of the innovations made by the company to increase Jakarta MRT revenue is to provide advertising services at cooling tower and ventilation tower (CTVT). After going through the series of the selection processes of CTVT MRT Jakarta Partner Phase I and evaluation with […]

How OOH Create Impact For Academic Value With Education Platform To Help Study From Home

During pandemic, all forms of interaction have changed to provide comfort and safety from the spread of the Covid19 virus. Similarly, the school’s face-to-face learning process is still suspended to this day. Parents should also think extra to provide educational intake to the child even in the limitations of interaction. Sekolah Murid Merdeka (SMM) with […]

5 Tips To Make Your Out-of-Home Advertising Great And Effective

We may live in a digital age, but out-of-home advertising is—not surprisingly to industry experts—a genuine growth market. Outdoor advertising (or Out-of-Home) targets consumers when they are outside of their homes, commuting, shopping or visiting public spaces. Step outside your office and more often than not you’re exposed to a whole host of outdoor advertising […]