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The Bloom of Advertising Creativity Using OOH

SOUNDS cliché indeed, but isn’t that the purpose of a launch campaign by any brand or brand that wants to sell its products or services to consumers?. An advertisement must include unique selling points that are highlighted in a variety of ways, through the delivery of writing, images, or audiovisuals that are packaged and executed […]

OOH Jaris & K Decorates Jakarta and Helps Brands for Promotion

When the competition of advertising media is increasing, the need for a brand or product to appear is no longer enough just to advertise on television, radio, or digital. The number of ads that play on each highly-rated event often causes them to become less appealing to your audience. It’s easy for viewers to switch […]

What is a Billboard?

(source: https://www.effortlessoutdoormedia.com/history-billboards/) Driving a car on the streets of the capital city of Jakarta while listening to your favorite song playing on the radio, dealing with congestion by following each other with other motor vehicles, sometimes stopped at the intersection of red lights, then the view is directed at a large advertisement displayed on billboards […]