Why Brands Must Integrating Out Of Home & Digital Media Channels?

Big companies like Netflix, Facebook, and Google are leading the way in the world of online advertising. Yet when they want to spread the word about their newest product or feature, they turn to out-of-home advertising, buying billboard ads around the world.

The reason is simple: For all the strengths of online ads, when you want a message to get noticed, you go with out-of-home.

Combining Digital and Out Of Home media can make the planning of each more efficient, effective,  can provide contextual relevance at scale, and has proven to be successful.

Advertisers can create an entirely new way of constructing their audience by combining digital behavior with a physical location. The resulting model synthesizes both of these critical aspects in a paradigm-shifting new way.

They allow media planners to build OOH media plans that rely on the same types of digital behavioral information, transformed into real-world locations. By using this information, OOH plans will be more accurately targeted to the advertiser’s audience than ever before.

Then, by geofencing the OOH media, advertisers can create digital audiences from consumers who have been exposed to it. Integration of the two channels will help each create more precise target audiences.

As the infrastructure and capabilities of DOOH channels continue to improve, so will its ability to provide context. Technology is becoming available that will allow advertisers to deliver DOOH creative based on the real-time assessment of the audience in proximity to the display by looking at the mobile footprint of that audience.

The ability to build a one-on-one relationship with customers, and deliver them something of value, relies on being able to identify them. Providing value and offers that make sense for the consumer helps to build trust and deepen engagement with the brand. Combining OOH and digital media provides advertisers more integrated points of reference to help build the customer identity.

This is the newest campaign that we launched for Uniqlo. We managed to connect the audience with a mysterious message that could be accessed via barcode. Thus eliciting various responses from the audience in public areas which later became viral on the social media

More creative, more relevant, because we are the solution!

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