Mola TV Boosting Up Brand Promotion With OOH Jaris & K Which Located Strategically In Jakarta

It is undeniable, the Indonesian people are one of the biggest football fans in the world. The glitter of prestigious competitions on the European continent has always been the most awaited show by football lovers in the country.

The presence of various platforms for watching football is also very welcome for those who want to watch live and exclusive elite competition shows for a full season with sharper and clearer picture quality.

As the license holder of the most prestigious league in the world, namely the Premier League, Mola TV wants to provide the best food for football lovers in Indonesia. Therefore, lovers of the Premier League competition must make this platform their first choice to watch the best football competition in the world for the next year.

Not only the English Premier League, but Mola TV also presents a number of exclusive broadcast options from foreign and domestic box office films, as well as various kinds of entertaining shows that can be watched with your beloved family. One of them is a film called “The East”. A historical-inspired film with the title The East (De Oost) which has been released to the public on Mola TV on August 7, 2021.

To get attention and increase the audience’s interest, Mola TV with Jaris & K collaborated to increase promotions in the midst of public areas that were crossed by many people in the outdoor media choosing Jaris & K.

Jaris & K as the largest OOH advertising agency in Jakarta are able to maximize and take advantage of opportunities to enhance the brand because our media is located at the most strategic points in the city of Jakarta.

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