Enlivening Money Heist Season 5 on the Streets of Jakarta With OOH

There’s no better way to welcome the season finale of Money Heist 5 that airs on the Netflix platform by promoting using a billboard LED of Jaris & K which is located in a strategic location to get attention for anyone who sees it on the main street of Jakarta.

Netflix is one of the very popular streaming platforms around the world because it presents a variety of genres both from movies to series, that can always capture the attention of the audience and are often always talked about on social media.

The appearance of several cast members in the Money Heist series which emblazoned on the pillars of the MRT, It’s surely add the enthusiasm from the fans of this drama series  which full of plot twists. Money Heist Season 5 divided 2 parts, where part 1 will be air on September 3rd and part 2 in 3rd December.

While waiting patiently for the end of the story of the robbery gang led by El Professor, let enjoy for a while with the vibe and also the atmosphere of the streets of Jakarta with OOH Jaris &K that gave rise to the promotion of Netflix Money Hest Season 5 which until now is still a series that has been watched by 65 million people around the world highest in the history of Netflix. We are proud to bring you this collaboration and being part of this phenomenal series.

So, Have a Heist Day.

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