PT Trimedia Imaji Rekso Abadi Was Selected As a Strategic Partner For Advertising Services on Media Cooling Tower and Ventilation Tower (CTVT) MRT Jakarta Phase I

PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) continues to strive to increase non-business income. One of the innovations made by the company to increase Jakarta MRT revenue is to provide advertising services at cooling tower and ventilation tower (CTVT).

After going through the series of the selection processes of CTVT MRT Jakarta Partner Phase I and evaluation with reference to the terms, conditions, and various conformity aspects as stated in the Selection Document that has been submitted, then PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) establishes PT Trimedia Imaji Rekso Abadi as the selected Strategic Partner of Advertising Services in Media CTVT MRT Jakarta Phase I. PT Trimedia Imaji Rekso Abadi has the right to conduct Advertising Services business on CTVT MRT media Jakarta Phase I.

In addition, it is expected that the selection of strategic partners for advertising services on CTVT MRT Jakarta Phase I media can beautify the CTVT building on the Sudirman – Thamrin line with modern media visuals and the use of LEDs that will enliven the area around Jakarta MRT station.

Clever Location To Advertise

This outdoor advertising medium is a fresh messaging medium for brand owners. As an innovative outdoor media company which always supported by creative resources, PT Trimedia Imaji Rekso Abadi as the parent company of Jaris &K will provide high value to brands that advertise in our media, to be able to increase promotion in premium and strategic locations, located in the heart of the capital city of Jakarta which is passed by thousands of vehicles and road users every day.

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