How OOH Create Impact For Academic Value With Education Platform To Help Study From Home

During pandemic, all forms of interaction have changed to provide comfort and safety from the spread of the Covid19 virus. Similarly, the school’s face-to-face learning process is still suspended to this day.

Parents should also think extra to provide educational intake to the child even in the limitations of interaction.

Sekolah Murid Merdeka (SMM) with a digital education platform called was present as an option during the pandemic to provide the first blended learning method in Indonesia. Technology-based and collaborative to provide learning programs for everyone, want to ensure that all Indonesian children successfully achieve competence and success in the future by providing quality educational services that favor children equally, as well as providing access to digitally integrated learning with a personalized and flexible curriculum structure from PAUD to SMA.

Therefore, as a way to strengthen while promoting as a unique and trustworthy brand, Sekolah Murid Merdeka entrust their campaign to the OOH Jaris &K media located in a strategic location traversed by many daily commuters and also around the residential area precisely in Fatmawati Area and also the ASEAN MRT Stop in Blok M South Jakarta.

With a premium location that becomes the point of placement of our media assets, Jaris & K is ready to help develop brand promotions and also brand awareness for our clients in order to achieve the effectiveness and efficiency of a campaign.

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