The Bloom of Advertising Creativity Using OOH

SOUNDS cliché indeed, but isn’t that the purpose of a launch campaign by any brand or brand that wants to sell its products or services to consumers?. An advertisement must include unique selling points that are highlighted in a variety of ways, through the delivery of writing, images, or audiovisuals that are packaged and executed creatively.

However, how does the creative process poured into an ad finally attract the attention of the targeted audience? There are at least a few ways that a message or ad campaign can trigger people to buy the product. Let’s see together.

Language Usage

The first thing to note in creating an ad is in terms of language. We can use straightforward language and the right choice of words so that the message can be clearly conveyed. In addition, persuasive use of language will be able to attract consumers to read ads. By making a unique and interesting headline or slogan can make the target consumer curious and generate curiosity related to the product. According to Bachrein Fatihin Kaliwuge one of the Board Of Directors of advertising company OOH Jaris &K, the creative process whose output becomes communication will be more absorbed by the target that we want is a form of simple message delivery afar easily absorbed. “The more it is simple, the more achievable the best creative process, the important the goals are achieved”, he said.

Attractive Images

Pictures are elements that greatly affect the visual appearance of an ad. Both the image and the photo are the sides that should be made most visible. Therefore, interesting images will most likely be looked at by consumers before they read the ad. This can be prepared by using public photos of certain figures or figures known to the public. According to Komarudin Fuad as CEO of Jaris&K, the use of OOH in developed countries has been very popular and always be the first choice for every brand to advertise.” In developed countries such as France, The United Kingdom, and the United States, the most widely used platform is OOH and the second is digital. Why don’t digital come first? Because digital is very vulnerable to skip viewer, but if in OOH it can not happen because OOH can not be skipped. OOH is a channel that will be something in the future,” he said.

Pay Attention to Details

The details in question can relate to various things, such as font size, font type, writing style, color combination, and so on. For example, in the advertising of lollipop products, it would be better to use a combination of background colors with bright colors rather than dark colors. This corresponds to the lollipop images depicted bringing joy.

Providing Offers

In order for consumers to be interested in buying goods or using the services offered, it does not hurt to provide offers in the form of providing discounts, product bonuses, warranties, and so on

Include Product Information

An ad also needs to provide important information in detail about the product being marketed. The important things that need to be included are the type of product, the composition, the price of the product, as well as the advantages or benefits of the product. Don’t forget to include additional information such as booking contact and work address.

Choosing Where to Advertise

Well, if all these points have been done but still can not attract consumers, there may be a misplaced place in placing ads. The location of strategic ad placement is also very influential to the effectiveness and purchasing power of consumers. Hendy Drajat as part of jaris&k’s board of directors said “Jaris&K media position is at a premium point in the Jakarta area inevitably targeting brands at the premium level, but the problem is not all premium brands have a budget to spend on the OOH platform, this is what we are aiming for”.

Therefore, as one of the outdoor media that provides Digital Out Of Home Advertising platform, Jaris & K presents a solution so that the advertisements installed can reach the target audience at large. Located in a strategic location along the MRT line from ASEAN MRT Station to Lebak Bulus MRT Station, Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport and Kualanamu International Airport, as well as a spot at The Mercure Gatot Soebrot Hotel, it is certainly not going to be wrong to choose a place to advertise.

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