OOH Jaris & K Decorates Jakarta and Helps Brands for Promotion

When the competition of advertising media is increasing, the need for a brand or product to appear is no longer enough just to advertise on television, radio, or digital. The number of ads that play on each highly-rated event often causes them to become less appealing to your audience.

It’s easy for viewers to switch channels, wait a while, then hit back on the previous channel hopping the ad has passed. The company will waste a free placement fee when its ads appear in the middle of a row of ads, with no one watching them.

It would be better if the large budget is used for other methods that are more strategic in building the brand. One way is to try to use Out Of Home (OOH) or outdoor media in a unique and attractive way so that everyone who passes by can smile, laugh, and always be reminded of the advertising messages they see.

Speaking of OOH, perhaps the first thing that came to mind was the billboard. Whereas in addition to outdoor advertising billboards also have many kinds such as those often found on the streets, namely billboards, banners, posters, neon boxes, and Videotron or LEDs. For Videotron or LED type, there are a number of benefits offered by this message channel media, among others, as a promotional media or advertising.

Then because the quality of visual media display is premium and high quality, it can strengthen the brand image of the advertised product or service. Because the sophistication of its innovative technology can make ad serving more interactive.

Such advertising media, not only provides benefits for outdoor advertising industry players but also provides benefits for building owners in the form of rental costs of LED Display placement locations. Including, providing benefits for the Local Government of DKI Jakarta from the aspect of Local Revenue in the form of the Advertisement Tax, as well as adding beauty (aesthetics) of the city of Jakarta as the Capital of the State and metropolitan city.

Along with existing trends while creating new trends. This is one of the advantages of Jaris &K. Our creative here is always a unique and creative approach, not limited to trends only. We’ll be ready with new buzzes for creative concepts at OOH

Jaris & K

In running a business, Jaris & K (PT Trimedia Imaji Rekso Abadi) does not just think about profit alone. Socially and urban planning is also our concentration. Because not only provide value to the brand that the products we offer are premium products but can also have an impact on the community and the city of Jakarta.

Find out more: https://jarisnk.com/our-works/

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