Integration of The Conjuring ad promotion media through OOH Jaris & K

The advantages of promotion using outdoor media can help businesses grow. Brands used to think that Out of Home Advertising (OOH) or “outdoor” advertising is a form of promotion that is no longer in demand in the digital age. But nowadays many brands are again turning to the form of product promotion and brand awareness that is proven effectively and efficiently.

Outdoor advertising can help build your brand and promote products and services in ways that digital ads or indoor media ads can’t.

As the market becomes increasingly saturated with “unwanted” digital advertising, choosing to do outdoor promotions can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Such as promotion of the latest product launches, collaboration between brands, providing information related to the achievements of the company, product testimonials, to a variety of other promotional activities including the launch of the latest films.

After successfully collaborating with one of the paid streaming platforms last April, Disney+ Hotstar by tightening the promotion of Home of Marvel, this time Jaris&K as the largest outdoor media service provider (OOH) in Jakarta gained trust as a promotional medium for Warner Bros’ latest film, The Conjuring; “The Devil Made Me Do It” is displayed on the pillars of the MRT that are traversed by many vehicles right from Asean MRT station to Blok-M.

“We, PT Trimedia Imaji Rekso Abadi always initiate creative ideas to help brands in running campaigns to be accepted by the audience massively. As a media provider of outdoor advertising services we always follow the development of existing trends and try to provide a unique experience to brands to advertise in our media.”

Komarudin Fuad as CEO of PT Trimedia Imaji Rekso Abadi.

Of course, this promotion can increase awareness for audiences who see it, especially horror movies have a high allure for movie lovers.

This proves out of home media or digital out of home (DOOH) advertising is still one of the right choices to improve branding. The advantages gained from the use of outdoor media owned by Jaris&K include: more already received audience or consumers, help build and improve the brand, have a clear target audience, more trusted, and save more budget because it proved effective and efficient.

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