Using Digital Out Of Home to Engage Consumers

Engagement with your audience is the key to a successful advertising campaign. And when it comes to interacting with consumers, Digital Out of Home packs a bigger punch than more traditional forms of advertising. It allows for greater flexibility, creativity, and opportunity to open a dialogue with consumers.

Interaction is a key

In the world of advertising, the ads that rise above the pack are those that motivate consumer interaction. And when it comes to engagement and brand recognition, adverts that encourage consumers to actively participate in a brand’s message are the ultimate winners.

The eventual goal of all advertising is to inspire recipients to do something – anything – in response to an advert. That doesn’t mean to say that all adverts should inspire an instant on-the-spot purchase. It could mean a Google search, typing in a URL, sharing the ad on social media, scanning a QR code or joining a Facebook group. And what better way to encourage that action, than to enable consumers to become active participants of the ad themselves?

Participation brings a sense of autonomy to the consumer. When they actively choose to interact with an advert, they are less likely to feel like its message has been forced upon them. Participation circumvents cynicism and resistance to a brand’s message.

At the same time, participation leads to greater personal relevance. As consumers participate, they can adjust the massage to suit their own needs. And as they share that message amongst their social networks, that in turn allows for greater relevance to these recipients.

Motivate Consumer Participation Using DOOH

Advertisers are increasingly turning to Digital Out of Home (DOOH) to encourage consumers to interact with their brands. It’s a medium that, by its very nature, creates a multitude of possibilities when it comes to consumer participation. With its ability to incorporate new technology and offer relevant information to consumers, alongside its opportunities for creativity and online integration, DOOH really takes the biscuit when it comes to audience participation.

Let’s Collaborate With Jaris & K

If you happen to pass by the Fatmawati area before the Lebak Bulus MRT Station, Jaris & K holds multiple DOOH Screens around that area, we also have the DOOH on Gatot Subroto on the Mercure Hotel Tower. Digital OOH signage has a strong advantage over traditional outdoor advertising, as the images capture the audience’s attention and interest more easily and for a longer period of time with even better creatives. DOOH grabs the attention of passersby immensely with striking creatives. Thinking about reaching high levels in your campaigns through DOOH? Contact us now for MRT Stations Jakarta & Mercure Hotel Tower DOOH platform availability.

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