What is a Billboard?

(source: https://www.effortlessoutdoormedia.com/history-billboards/)

Driving a car on the streets of the capital city of Jakarta while listening to your favorite song playing on the radio, dealing with congestion by following each other with other motor vehicles, sometimes stopped at the intersection of red lights, then the view is directed at a large advertisement displayed on billboards whether it is embedded in the street or attached to the building. Yup, unwittingly, almost every day we always pass billboards that are able to attract attention, although not a few billboards that do not remain in our memory.

Billboards are among the most widely used outdoor advertising models. Outdoor advertising is growing to meet the needs of the market and continues to show its sophistication. From the shape and size of billboards, materials used, as well as more modern technologies such as mechanical and digital component repair billboards.

A Short Story of Billboard

(Caption: The large format American poster (measuring more than 50 square feet) originated in New York when Jared Bell began printing circus posters 1835)

Source: https://oaaa.org/AboutOOH/OOHBasics/HistoryofOOH.aspx

Looking at the history of billboards, initially billboards were only made of boards and contained images or writings that are still not interesting and complex today.

The way of making it is still manual and simple without the help of digital machines as now, making this billboard has not been much in demand for marketing.

But as access to information grows today, hold up by advanced technology, audiences can smile and be interested in keeping up with the development of a product billboard.

In addition, billboards are now more varied by favoring creative and real three-dimensional touches. A smile from the viewer is a simple form of appreciation for the work and response regarding the form of two-way communication and the mutual awareness.

The Future Of Billboard Advertising

Today, billboards still comprise a large percentage of the advertising market. Digital billboards bring less work and fewer overhead costs while delivering a more vivid and engaging form of advertising, require less work than traditional billboards. They also offer more possibilities for creativity and experimentation.

(Caption: Jungletron in Tokyo and New York Times)

Instead of shipping an advertisement to a billboard company weeks in advance, all that’s needed is a file. If you want to experiment with different creatives and ideas including, colors, fonts, styles and sound effects for your advertisement, you can do so easily. If something doesn’t work out, simply press a few buttons to make desired changes.

Along with that, digital billboards and other outdoor media are starting to integrate sensors and cameras. These allow for more dynamic and engaging advertisements that directly interface with whoever is viewing the ad. While the billboard advertising form will continue to shift and change, one thing is certain: billboards are here to stay.

Raise Your Brand Campaign With Jaris & K

More than two-thirds (67%) of consumers spend 4 hours and 33 minutes outdoors on weekdays. In the Jabodetabek area the time is even higher, where the average consumer spends 4 hours 45 minutes. When doing activities outside the home, the average consumer spends 1 hour and 18 minutes on the go.

Since Jakarta deals with traffic congestion problems, online taxi, bus, and billboard advertisements are popular. By pushing the boundaries and challenging the conventions of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, Jaris & K is transforming innovative concepts to on-street reality. It’s located in Jakarta, Indonesia with OOH Platforms from Jakarta MRT Stations, Buildings, National & International Airports.

Jaris & K OOH platforms around the MRT stations are placed around the prime areas with extremely high dwelling time due to traffic lights and density of movements and traffic jams. Jaris & K hold from Lebak Bulus station all the way through ASEAN station.

Thinking about your next campaign? contact us for further details on how you can acquire the MRT prime areas for your business!

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