As the largest and most populated country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has more than 13,500 islands across a 2 million square kilometers. Indonesia is considered one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The density of its population is very high with more than half of the country living on the wealthy island of Java. Meanwhile, one-tenth of its population resides in the greater Jakarta area.

As of 2018, Jakarta’s total ad spend amounted to US$3,023 million. Indonesia OOH represents 3% of the total ad spend. TV medium remains the most dominant with more than 16 national TV stations in Indonesia. There are also 93 magazine titles still active in Indonesia, though the numbers have since fallen from 116 magazine titles in 2016.

Transit in Jakarta is emerging and OOH media at the MRT has been launched this 2019. Other transit options have also emerged such as Kommute, GoJek, and Grab. As an archipelago nation, Indonesia’s sea and air travel are still prominent since road transportation is unable to resolve itself.

The key areas for OOH advertising are at malls, commuter lines, airports, online taxis, MRTs and LRTs, and billboards at commercial and suburban areas in Jakarta. Since Jakarta deals with traffic congestion problems, online taxi, bus, and billboard advertisements are popular. By pushing the boundaries and challenging the conventions of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, Jaris & K is transforming innovative concepts to on-street reality. It’s located in Jakarta, Indonesia with OOH Platforms from Jakarta MRT Stations, Buildings, National & International Airports.

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