After a year where so many people have been spending their activities mostly indoors, the turn of the year marks a new momentum where the populations in Jakarta are beginning to spend more and more time outdoors.

With that, advertisers have an opportunity to deliver their messages in a new way that feels fresh to consumers also means media buyers have their work cut out for them.

Jaris & K’s recent partnership with Jakpro in placing OOH advertising platforms along the MRT lines and stations provides advertisers a great opportunity to reach out directly to the consumers in a more impactful manner. This is due to its placement that can be seen very dominantly at very prime locations and streets starting from Kebayoran Baru to Lebak Bulus.

Thinking about your next campaign? contact us for further details on how you can acquire the MRT prime areas for your business! Find out more: https://jarisnk.com/our-works/

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