The Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is a rapid transit system in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia running from North to South lines and East to West lines. The system is operated by PT Mass Rapid Transit Jakarta, a municipally owned perseroan terbatas of the city of Jakarta, the project was officially opened in March 24, 2019.

With the surge of population in the city of Jakarta, the MRT system caters to commuters from all around the city, and have also allowed businesses to grow within the areas of the stations. Although the MRT system is already running, we still see many commuters travelling around the area of the stations, this is where Jaris & K is able to maximize our OOH potential around the MRT station areas.

Jaris & K OOH platforms around the MRT stations is placed around the prime areas with extremely high dwelling time due to traffic lights and density of movements and traffic jams. Jaris & K hold from Lebak Bulus station all the way through ASEAN station. Thinking about your next campaign? contact us for further details on how you can aquire the MRT prime areas for your business!

Find out more: https://jarisnk.com/our-works/

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