DOOH is a term that many will come across when considering an advertising campaign. DOOH, or Digital Out of Home media is the hottest trends in advertising and marketing. It’s considered to be one of the best mediums when it comes to advertising and reaching your target market due to its creative strength.

Digital Out of Home is a modern extension of the concept of OOH, and is the digital signage that appears out in public spaces. DOOH includes digital billboards, outdoor signage, small digital signs, and even television screens. Brands use it to advertise products and to communicate to the market. You can find DOOH in a wide range of settings, from busses, MRT stations, and on the street, and malls.

If you happen to pass by Fatmawati area before the Lebak Bulus MRT Station, Jaris & K holds multiple DOOH Screens around that area, we also have the DOOH on Gatot Subroto on the Mercure Hotel Tower. Digital OOH signage has a strong advantage over traditional outdoor advertising, as the images capture the audiences attention and interest more easily and for a longer period of time with even better creatives. DOOH grabs the attention of passerbys immensely with striking creatives. Thinking about reaching high levels in your campaigns through DOOH? Contact us now for MRT Stations Jakarta & Mercure Hotel Tower DOOH platform availability.

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