The road near the M-Bloc is getting brighter, the MRT bridge pillars are now lit up

JAKARTA, – The road near M Bloc to the intersection of Al-Azhar University, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta is now getting brighter. A number of pillars of the Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT) flyover emit light from the LED screens attached to the pillars. monitored, Tuesday (1/12/2020) night, there were eight pillars of the MRT flyover near the M-Bloc and near the ASEAN MRT Station that were lit. Each pillar has two LED screens installed on the north and south sides. A total of 16 LED screens are installed on the pillars of the MRT flyover. The screens played a number of public service advertisements such as the handling of Covid-19, Jakpro, and advertisements about advertisements from Jaris & K. The pillars emitted various colors such as orange and blue.

Head of the Corporate Communications Department of PT. MRT Jakarta Ahmad Pratomo said the lit pillars were part of the construction of the 438 pillars of the MRT flyover. These pillars will later be used as outdoor advertising media. “The pillars of the MRT flyover are being added by outdoor advertising media as part of our non-farebox business development,” said the Corporate Secretary of PT. MRT Jakarta, Muhammad Kamaluddin when confirmed, Friday (27/11/2020) morning. Construction of the outdoor advertising media is planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2021.

Pratomo said the installation of the pillars with LED screens will be carried out in stages. “Pillars (which are installed with LED screens) are not only those under the viaduct, including those under the elevated station,” said Pratomo. Until now, the pillars of the MRT flyover are still under construction. Several points of the pillars have been installed with the construction of outdoor advertising media. Like in MRT stations, the pillars are attached with advertising materials that read “Jaris & K”, and Jakpro. Construction work on outdoor advertising media is monitored at night. Several points have entered the construction and welding installation stage.

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