3 Facts of OOH

Out of Home advertising is growing at an incredible pace. Effective OOH campaigns have proven to have exponential benefits, with its ability to utilize location for an advantage and zero-in on context. A well targeted OOH campaign or advertisement has the ability to surge foot traffic, brand awareness, and drive conversions. OOH is bigger than ever and only will continue to grow!

1. OOH is outperforming other traditional media formats According to new market research by MAGNA and RAPPORT, one of the reasons out-of-home is performing better than other traditional media formats is its ability to hold its audience. OOH is not suffering from the digital revolution in the same way as other formats, such as editorial media. This is partially because OOH is one of the few channels that can guarantee exposure to a captive audience. In fact, OOH is embracing digital and seeing surges in digital outdoor advertising, which has increased by 35% since 2010. Currently, DOOH is generating 18% of the total ad sales attributed to OOH – that’s an impressive 3 times the share it had ten years ago, and it is projected to overtake traditional outdoor advertising spending by this year.

2. 46% of US consumers used a search engine after seeing an OOH ad According to the Ads Driving Online Activity Survey by Nielsen, nearly 5 in 10 US adults turn to Google, Bing, or other Internet search engines to look up information regarding the advert they have just seen or after hearing something advertised on an OOH format. They also compare this to the percentage of people who used a search engine after seeing an online banner ad, which was only 36%. Advertisers can invest more confidently with OOH knowing that they will be driving a greater degree of brand engagement.

3. OOH increses Mobile Click Through Rate (CTR) CTR increases at around 15%. An important feature of OOH advertising is that it is an excellent media format in which to implement cross-channel strategies. Both OOH and DOOH have a large reach, and in turn, any potential customer that has been exposed to the ad in question can then be retargeted via their mobile phone with a follow-up ad or CTA thanks to the use of geotargeting. Geotargeting is becoming a crucial part of many marketers’ strategies, as it allows them to make more precise decisions based on the spatial context of their target audiences.

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