3 Benefits of Out-of-Home Media

1. OOH media formats surround and reach consumers during the 70 percent of their day spent away from home. As people go out and about, commuting or shopping or walking their dog or searching for their favorite frappe, they are exposed to OOH messages. The 2016 Nielsen Out-of-Home Advertising Study shows 91% of United States residents over age 16 are reached by out-of-home. In the past month, 80% of these U.S. residents noticed an OOH ad, and 82% of billboard viewers make a point to look at the advertising message. (No banner blindness here!) OOH is a mix of physical media formats. They cannot be skipped, blocked, viewed by bots or deleted. OOH formats are tangible real estate that get noticed in the real world. With OOH, you can achieve massive reach within a market. It provides marketers a broad stroke to raise brand awareness and recall.

2. OOH Media is Highly Targeted, Out-of-home placements are location-specific. Each location is strategically selected to aim your message at the precise audience you’re trying to engage. Location-based marketing leverages mobile data to identify patterns of travel throughout a day. This data can then be used as insight to determine where you should place your OOH messages. It allows you to craft audiences in the real world – and serve them your messages on physical media. Today, advertisers can apply audience segmentation into their OOH media planning. Some media formats are more laser-focused. Mobile billboards, for example, follow a prescribed route customized to reach your precise audience. We can predict when and where your target audience will be and intercept them with your message. With proximity marketing, we can dominate strategic locations: grand openings, events, trade shows, high traffic areas, specific zip codes, competitor locations, etc. OOH is still very relevant in today’s media landscape. By leveraging data insights, we can engage with your audience during key moments in their day. This allows for maximum exposure – to the exact right people. Broad reach, narrow focus.

3. One of the biggest benefits of OOH media in today’s marketing mix is its ability to amplify other media channels. Research by the ARF (The Advertising Research Foundation) shows there is incremental ROI of an overall media plan as more channels are added. A 2018 report conducted by Omnicom Media Group’s Benchmarketing found that increasing the allocation of OOH, specifically, to the media mix generates greater ROI. USA Touchpoints supports the other research, noting that the addition of OOH potentially increases the reach by up to 300%. We’ve proven time and time again that pairing mobile display advertising to our OOH campaigns churns stronger results. You achieve higher click-through-rates when the OOH and mobile campaigns are planned together. Use unified creatives and deliver ads in both channels at the same key locations.

The two channels reinforce each other and add frequency to the messaging. This one-two punch gets noticed in a consumer’s two worlds: digital and physical. Ocean Outdoor and NeuroInsights discovered that 48% of people are more likely to click a mobile ad after seeing the same OOH ad. But clicks aren’t the only online engagements driven by OOH. Nielsen’s Out-of-Home Online Activation Study shows OOH is the best driver of online engagements per dollar spent compared to other media channels. Of U.S. adults who have seen an OOH ad: 46% performed an online search 38% took an action on Facebook 23% took an action on Twitter 25% took an action on Instagram When more OOH is allocated to the overall marketing mix, magic starts to happen. No fairy godmother required. OOH is quite the verifiable, effective marketing.

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